The 2021 regular season truly was a nail biter for both Red Sox and Yankees fans. Both teams won their respective final games with dramatic fashion. Boston broke a 5 to 5 tie as Raphael Devers connected with his second home run as they beat Washington 7 to 5 and down in "Da Bronx" Aaron Judge brought in the winning run as New York picked up a 1 to nothing win against Tampa Bay.

The Rays won 100 out of 162 games as they officially have a buy and a few days to decompress before seeing post-season action on Thursday night, but the attention will focus on the two teams who are considered arch-rivals in the American League East as Tuesday night's game has a major significance: The winner advances and the loser goes home.

Both teams finished up with identical records: 92 wins and 70 losses, therefore the tie-breaking showdown will take place as The Red Sox have home field advantage in this contest. The Yankees are visitors in this one and you know how the bottom of the 9th inning plays a key role in these games.

As they say, last licks are important to say the least. The pitching match-up has yet to be determined, but this game will definitely provide a dose of excitement for both sides and guess what: We will have EVERY pitch and EVERY play for you beginning with pre-game coverage from Friendly Fenway on Tuesday evening just after 7:05 pm and the first pitch is set for 8:08 pm.

The game will be presented LIVE on 860 AM & 94.1 FM, WSBS and for those up north, you can tune in to 1420 AM WBEC in Pittsfield and 94.7 FM, WNAW up in North Adams. Due to Major League Baseball restrictions, this game will NOT be available for live streaming on the prospective web site, apps and smart speaker devices as the only option is tuning in through terrestrial radio (the old fashioned way is always BEST if you ask me)

May the BEST team win as we know our listening area is divided between Red Sox and Yankee fans as this game has already generated some all-important buzz for all sport fans in our tri-state region. PLAY BALL!!

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