Over the Memorial Day weekend my wife introduced me to Parsons Marsh on Under Mountain Road in Lenox. I was in for a treat as we walked through the natural beauty of this wetland and forest area. You may be thinking wetland? "I don't want to get my feet wet." You wont, as there is a nice, sturdy boardwalk that makes this 1/3 mile (one-way) trail accessible and will keep your feet dry. The boardwalk covers half of the trail while the other half is comprised of a hard packed surface.

I really enjoyed walking down the trail and observing all of the trees that are laying on their sides. The root structure and soil from the trees are projected high up in the air for all to see. It's a fascinating site. When you come to the end of the trail, you can listen and observe the wildlife that reside in the marsh. Birds, frogs and more greet you when you reach the marsh area. Plus you can view a beaver dam and observe the trees that the beavers have cut down.

In addition, there is a small dwelling that we came across. I'm not really sure of its purpose but I captured an image as it's an interesting site. If you haven't been to Parson's Marsh, I highly recommend you experience the trail and marsh. It's a guaranteed relaxing and fascinating environment. Check out the photos I captured below (Unfortunately I didn't capture a pic of the tipped trees but they would be fun to view in person).

You can learn all of the facts and history about Parson's Marsh by going here.

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