1) Carol from "Marvelous Monterey" got things started as she has a 8 speed men's motor bike with a large helmet, take both for the firm price of $50, a small Weber smoker complete with cover, wood chips and cook book all for $40, firm and a black iron wood holder for hust $10. To inquire further, call (312) 371-1133.

2) If you would like a FREE 3 by 5 foot Wurlitzer organ with bench, phone (413) 854-1090, ask for Mike.

3) A listener from Stockbridge has a FREE Whirlpool dryer. To arrange for a pick-up, call (413) 298-3334.

4) Mike has an assortment of items for sale in New Marlborough including a vintage 1935 4 door Ford Fhayton convertible. The vehicle needs restoration, a 4 inch joyner for carpentry chores with stand included and a scroll saw. All of these items are available for best offer. For more information, give him a call at (413) 229-8975.

5) Tommy checked in from Housatonic: He has a 2005 Nissan Moran with new back lights,tires, rotors, radiator and muffler for the firm price of $3,500. For more details, call (413) 854-7652.

6) A listener from Stockbridge has a pair of umbrella baby strollers and a baby bathtub priced at $10 a piece or she will take best offer. If interested, call (413) 298-4676.

7) John (aka "Lucky Seven) has a pair of antique single spindle beds complete with wooden frame and slats, both available for the firm price of $100. To arrange a pick-up phone (413) 298-4045.

8) Al has 4 bags of concrete and 5 bags of mortar mix, FREE of charge and a wooden round table 4 feet in diameter for the firm price of $25. To arrange a pick-up in Housatonic, phone 1-518-428-2618.

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