Over the past couple of months we've witnessed the Great Barrington Police Department strengthen their commitment to the safety and well being of town residents.

Just a few of the initiatives that our local police department has prioritized and brought to fruition include:

  • Putting the 'Good Samaritan Law' into action. This law is designed to encourage those suffering from an overdose or who are present where someone else is experiencing an overdose to seek medical assistance.
  • Connecting with the Deaf Community. GBPD has partnered with Karran Larson, LADC1, LMHC, Coordinator of Statewide SUD and Recovery Services and Deaf Recovery Coach Supervisor. Karran will train the officers on how to best interact with the deaf and hard of hearing community in an emergency and in other aspect of police duties.

And now Chief Paul Storti and his team have added yet another initiative into strengthening the town by developing an on-going zoom series to discuss various topics in relation to the police department and the community.

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Chief Storti made the following statement:

My goal is to have a way for the public to learn about their department and the programs that we are cultivating. The topics will evolve depending on the areas that are discussed in these meetings. As a starting point we will focus on three initiatives as an educational conversation so that the public will get a more thorough understanding of the programs. Space will be limited to promote a more engaging conversation. 

GBPD is certainly proving their accessibility and commitment to the town and public interest. Thank you Chief Storti as well as the entire team.

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