Halloween is just around the corner as we will encounter many ghosts, goblins and creatures of the night....Now is your chance to go one-on-one with "The Vampire"..

You might be asking how is that possible? Very easy....By picking up a copy of Raina Smith's new book which was released just in time for "All Hallow's Eve" (October 31st) as you will be inspired and terrified by this legendary nocturnal creature who actually is based in her home state of Rhode Island (he is prowling the Ocean state's "City By The Sea", aka Newport).

The story focuses on Rex as he is caught in a cross-road due to his dual identity, however he has no recollection regarding his dangerous alter ego as he lives a normal life amongst the crowd in one of the highly based tourist hot-spots in southern new England. Readers will be able to follow the main character in detail in his mild mannered way and upon his transformation to a grisly ghoul whose aim is to rid the area of those he feels are contemptible to his beloved community.

Raina Smith was already a proven story teller as she provided factual details on people and events in the Ocean state as a reporter for a local TV station and now she has decided to use pen and paper to bring us her insights regarding dramatic and intense story lines in her novels as her readers become a part of her regimented process. "The Vampire" is her 3rd published work preceded by ":The 13th Apostle" and "Divine Providence". She is proud of each and every page that has been written as her books have become a personal accomplishment in life.

Now is your chance to familiarize yourself with Raina as she will be a guest on Ron Carson's Saturday morning chat on WSBS for October 27th (4 days prior to Halloween, talk about perfect timing)....Tune in immediately following The Trading Post at 10:05 am to 860 AM OR 94.1 FM....listen LIVE on line by logging on to www.wsbs.com and you can download our free WSBS app to your smart phone, tablet or mobile device....You can also access the chat via Amazon-Alexa enabled devices.

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