Well, there's no doubt that Berkshire County gets its fair share of bear activity. It's that time of year when Berkshire residents definitely want to refrain from putting their trash out by the curb the night before garbage pick up. I used to put my trash out at night on a regular basis until I got burned. One morning at about 3:30 I spent a half-hour cleaning up my garbage that was knocked over and torn into in the middle of the night. The incident made me late for work and I learned a valuable lesson. I'll never make that mistake again.

Bears are All Over Berkshire County This Time of Year

It's no secret that bears are out in Berkshire County in full force exploring and looking for some tasty treats to fill their bellies. Often times if you join Facebook groups, particularly local Facebook groups, you'll find people posting photos and videos of all sorts of animal activities including bear activity. You can see video examples of this by going here.

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Another Bear is on the Move in Southern Berkshire County

One of the latest Berkshire County bear videos that I saw on Facebook consisted of a bear running at high speed across the street on Route 7 in Sheffield. The bear is booking it in broad daylight which means that the bubby probably had to move faster as that section of Main Street in Sheffield can be quite busy at times. Check out the video below.

As usual, some of the Facebook comments and reactions were a bit entertaining including the following:

He saw the gas prices and said “I’ll walk!” Lol!!

Lucky he didn’t get caught speeding!

Maybe it wanted treats at Bakin’ Bakery lol

Keep your eyes open and cameras handy, our big furry friends seem to be all over the Berkshires this time of year.

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