The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office secured the conviction of a Chatham, N.Y. man for two attempted rapes.

Judge John Agostini found Andrew Gombar, 36, guilty of assault with intent to commit rape, assault and battery, kidnapping, and assault and battery with intent to commit rape.

Gombar attempted to rape a woman on January 7, 2018 outside of a store in Great Barrington. He waited for the victim outside and grabbed her as she was leaving. She pulled away and escaped.

Gombar attempted to rape another woman on July 2, 2018 on a trail at Olivia's Overlook in Lenox. He knocked the victim down and attempted to drag her into the woods. She too escaped.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph Yorlano proved that Gombar was seeking women to rape and planned the attacks. Gombar will be sentenced at a later date.

District Attorney Andrea Harrington praises the State Police Detective Unit assigned to the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office and Great Barrington Police for their investigations.

Berkshire District Attorney Harrington said:

We are grateful that these women were able to escape without further harm but it would have been only a matter of time before Mr. Gombar was successful in his attempts. This verdict protects women and girls from being preyed upon. Women should not be fearful to walk to their cars or go for a hike. We are making this county safer by holding dangerous people accountable for their actions.

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