Have you noticed that work gets so much more stressful around the holidays? Well, WSBS and Big Y want to reward your hard working office this holiday season with the Hardwork Holiday Platter Giveaway. So, if you’re listening at work, let us know right now either by fax (413) 528-2162 or by email, fun@wsbs.com.

Now for the fun part. Every weekday Dec. 10 - 14, at 10:40 AM, Ron Carson will announce two businesses and whichever business calls us back first, automatically wins a Holiday Party Platter from Big Y, valued at $50. These platters are big enough for your whole office to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? Submit your business name now by fax or email and we’ll make your holiday brighter and take a little stress away with a party platter feast from Big Y. Choose from the fresh-cut fruit platter, the sweet tooth platter, finger sandwich platter, even Sushi and shrimp platters plus so much more! Good luck and Happy Holidays from Big Y and your Hometown Station, WSBS!

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