Berkshire dog owners: This article is just for you (and this also applies to our neighbors in eastern New York and north western Connecticut) I bet you didn't know this (but maybe you did, so let me elaborate further on this subject). There are some hidden talents to "Man's Best Friend" and one of the five senses that overpowers us humans is their eyesight has plenty of positive overtones, let alone their ability to smell and hear better than those of the "two legged" variety.

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For starters, unlike us, they can see better in darkness, just like cats as their sense to gather light has it's benefits due to "rods" which is comprised of cells found in their retinas which resonates just as well while they are walking in the dark. Can't say that for humans as we tend to need a flashlight for that extra boost when the lights are out. They can also use this to detect motion from other animals which proves as a benefit if in case they find themselves in danger or are looking for a snack as squirrels and birds should be on the lookout for a hungry canine looking to satisfy their appetite.

attachment-Radio Wife & Anna Jane

Here is "my radio wife" alongside her four legged friend, Anna Jane at Camp Zarcone in Springfield. I swear, this pooch has X-Ray vision, just like Superman. George Reeves would be SO proud of her as he giving the stamp of approval from the skies above.

woman gives her labrador retriever dog food in a feading bowl

Another example on why dogs have better eyesight is their ability to increase their so-called "low light" vision as this is prevalent when you snap of a photo of your canine competition you might see a slight refraction or discoloration which is best known as a "tapetum". They are also far sighted animals as images can be seen clearly between a 13 to 20 inch radius from afar, but if they are up close to their prospective subject, a sense of blurriness sets in. This is a normal reaction, where the owner does not need to panic, given the scenario.

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Here is another surprise development as dogs could be color blind and it is more common to experience this obstacle as stated by University of Washington ophthalmology Professor Jay Neitz, Phd:

"They don't see red or green and they see everything in shades of blue and yellow as they are weak in seeing red or orange images but they are good at seeing blue from all angles, near and far"

So now you know that Fido has one up on us. As they say: "The eyes are your windows to the soul" and it's safe to say this is applicable for our four legged friends as well. My suggestion: Don't invest in a pair of glasses, because they don't need the extra help to see. They've got it well taken care of!

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