Recently, I have driven by a few homes in Massachusetts towns and cities that have had blue porch lights on display. Coming home from a Springfield appointment I saw a home in the town of Russel that had a blue porch light all lit up. In addition, in Pittsfield, I saw a home on East Street and one on Holmes Road with blue porch lights on display. Have you seen any during your travels? What do they mean? Keep reading.

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Why Would Massachusetts Cities and Towns Have Blue Porch Lights on Display During the Month of April?

While some people may just like the color blue and/or having blue porch lights on display, a likely reason people may have blue porch lights on display is that April is Autism Awareness Month and the color blue is associated with Autism Awareness. Here's some information from Angel Sense regarding autism and the color blue.

The color blue, associated with calmness and acceptance, is the primary color designated for autism. Its popularity also stemmed from the worldwide Autism Speaks initiative, Light It Up Blue. On April 2nd, you’ll see a plethora of blue, as this campaign calls for people to wear blue in support of autism awareness.

So, if you want to celebrate Autism Awareness Month, feel free to get a blue light bulb at your local hardware store or online and show your support. Have you ever wondered what the meaning is behind a green porch light? You can find out by going here.

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