Over the past few months, we have been exploring why some Massachusetts residents are displaying colorful porch lights. You may remember in a previous post, I mentioned taking a trip down memory lane in some of the Berkshire County towns that I lived in including Pittsfield, Lee, Cheshire, and North Adams. I also mentioned how I was driving through the northern Berkshires and saw a blue porch light at one resident's home.

There's One Reason in Particular Why You May Be Seeing Blue Porch Lights Throughout Massachusetts During the Month of September

One thing that I mentioned in the previous article is that we would discuss why people would display blue porch lights specifically in September. According to Restore Decor & More the reason why you may see Massachusetts residents displaying blue porch lights in September is to bring awareness to Alopecia Areata as September is Alopecia Areata Awareness Month.

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There are Additional Meanings Behind Blue Porch Lights 

In addition, as mentioned in the previous article, folks may also display blue porch lights to show support for law enforcement and/or spread awareness for autism. April is Autism Awareness Month. Showing support for law enforcement is something that people do year-round.

There Have Been Other Colorful Porch Lights Displayed Throughout Massachusetts

Some other colorful porchlights that people display during certain times of the year include the colors green which you can read about by going here as well as yellow and you can get complete details here.

Do You Partake in the Porch Light Decoration Displays? Have You Seen Them Throughout Massachusetts? 

Have you seen any of these colorful porch lights in Massachusetts throughout the year or do you ever display these lights on your porch? Chat with us on our free app.

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