Trick or Treat in Great Barrington has been officially set for Sunday, Oct. 31 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. I remember when I was a kid growing up, there were designated Trick or Treat times but the length of the yearly ritual lasted longer and I don't remember it being a hard time frame. It's understandable though that nowadays, safety is key especially with the pandemic still in our everyday lives.

If you are a Great Barrington or Housatonic resident, there are some safety tips that the Great Barrington Select Board recommends that are unique for this year. This is because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Add to that, the delta variant is something we have to keep in mind and remain cautious of when we're out and about.

Keep the Groups Small

If you and the little ones are planning on going out to collect treats this year you'll want to keep your group (and it's always a good idea to be in a group to remain safe) limited to just your family members or immediate members of your household. The fewer people in your group, the less likely the delta variant can get spread around from person to person.

Mask Up 

Another recommendation is to mask up if you are going to be indoors. Back in August the Town of Great Barrington required folks to wear a mask in all town buildings. Then in mid-September, the town expanded the mask mandate to include crowds in outdoor settings. So definitely mask up indoors and mask up outdoors if you can't get six feet away from others. It's not only about safety in general but safety for your health.

Contact the Great Barrington Health Department if You're Planning on Celebrating/Throwing a Halloween Party

If you are going to throw a Halloween party or celebrate Halloween in some way where a group of people will be together, the Great Barrington Select Board urges you to contact the Great Barrington Health Department as a guide to make sure what and how you're celebrating is being done in a safe fashion. How awful would it be if you were celebrating and then you or someone at your party became ill? Now, that's not a party. Let's prevent that. The number to call is (413) 528-1619 ext. 2700.

Other Various Safety Recommendations

Of course, there's always the constant Trick or Treat safety tips to follow as well including the following:

  • Not Trick or Treating beyond the set time frame enacted by the town.
  • Only going to houses that have porch lights on.
  • Making sure candy is checked thoroughly before consuming.
  • Wearing bright or reflective colors so motorists can see you/children.
  • Following pedestrian traffic rules and laws.

While going out to collect candy on Halloween can certainly be fun, following these recommendations and guidelines will lead to a successful night.

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