Construct today announced in a press release that they have received a grant award of $3,500 from the Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Berkshires to provide micro-grants to women living with low income or in poverty in the southern Berkshires.

One of 12 local organizations to receive funding, Construct was amongst the recipients who demonstrated an ability to maintain their programming during the pandemic and/or respond to newly identified needs created by the epidemic.

Construct's Executive Director Jane Ralph released the following statement:

By partnering with the Jewish Women's Foundation of the Berkshires, Construct participates in the tradition of Tikkun Olam. Together we are repairing the world by meeting the basic needs of women as they seek homes they can afford in the southern Berkshires.

The Jewish Women's Foundation of the Berkshires grants range from $2,000 to $3,500 and run for one year. Funded programs fall into three of the Foundation’s priority areas: increasing access to food, housing, and other essentials for Berkshire residents; promoting self-sufficiency; and empowering youth and young adults. The grant award to Construct is funded in the Foundation’s program category of increasing access to food, housing, and other essentials for Berkshire residents.

About Construct Inc. 

For over fifty years, Construct has been leading the fight against homelessness and housing insecurity in the southern Berkshires. With a small, highly skilled staff and committed volunteers, Construct leverages time, talent, money, and long-standing community relationships to support their mission. Providing over 80 permanent, affordable housing options, Construct also offers 10 units for individuals transitioning out of homelessness. The bulk of Construct’s annual income comes from individual donors. With this support, Construct helps rebuild security, stability, and hope in the southern Berkshires. More information on Construct can be found by going here.

Article Image: Jane Ralph

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