2004/2005 was a simpler time. I say this because after I graduated from Berkshire Community College I spent my last two years of college at then Westfield State College now Westfield State University. I loved attending Westfield. The campus had it all...beauty, activities, new dorms, excellent television studio and of course the college radio station WSKB/89.5FM. That's the station where I started honing my radio skills. I hosted a retro '80s Hair Metal show and even received an award for it.

In addition to the radio show, I also produced a music video for one of my brother's songs "Bringing Me Down" in my television production class. The fun just didn't seem to end. During those days, campus life was an absolute blast and we didn't have to worry about COVID-19. I resided in Lammers Hall (quiet living if you can believe that...I didn't belong there...lol) and then eventually moved over to the then new apartments.

I started thinking about my college days at Westfield after I learned this morning that the University was forced to cancel in-person classes due to a recent COVID-19 outbreak on campus.

According to MassLive.com the college has activiated a remote-learning plan and shelter-in-place order after 23 people tested positive for COVID-19 during routine checks on Monday.

The plan calls for all on-ground activities to be immediately stopped and all in-person classes to be canceled today (Thursday) and tomorrow. Online classes will be held as scheduled.

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All residential students were told to remain in their dorms starting at 8 a.m. this morning and all classes will shift to remote learning starting on Monday. The order is expected to be in effect until 8 a.m., Nov. 19, he said. You can read the complete article by going to MassLive.com 

Back then online learning wasn't really much of a thing, definitely not the norm, and now it's mandatory in everyday life thanks to the pandemic. I feel for the students, staff and members of the college community at Wetsfield State. Who knows how long it will take but hopefully college life and the college experience for all students will get back to normal. It's tough to see young individuals being robbed of this milestone experience in their young adult lives. Keep the faith.

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