(The following information courtesy of WRGB-TV, CBS 6)

As the number of Corona virus cases continues to rise in neighboring New York state, Governor Andrew Cuomo reiterated that all statewide hospitals need to band together as he proposed the option of sending locally based staff down state, but that request was not presented to them until this was mentioned in his Tuesday press conference.

The proposal also could send COVID-19 patients from New York City to various upstate hospitals to ease the overcrowding as this expressed concerns from staff at Albany Med, St. Peter's and Ellis hospitals. This plan has yet to be activated as The Governor is trying to avoid overcapacity in the metropolitan area and neighboring Long island which has seen a surplus in Corona Virus cases.

An update from Albany Med: This is to support our neighbors and health care workers beyond the capital region. Albany Med accepted 14 transfer patients late Tuesday from downstate hospitals who have either confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19.

You can check out CBS 6's Heather Kovar's full report on this fluid situation by going here. Updated information regarding COVID-19 can also be found by logging on to the CBS 6 web site.

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