With Southern Berkshire Elderly Transportation ending service as of Oct. 1 the Claire Teague Senior Center will be arranging ride services for seniors and disabled residents.

As reported in a media release, the service is limited to residents of Great Barrington and Housatonic at this time.

Until the town has a new transportation van in place – in November -- rides are being organized with R.S.V.P., a volunteer driver program, and other resources.

“Our staff is working diligently with BRTA to have a full-service transportation van in place as soon as possible, but residents can still get rides by giving us a call,” said Polly Mann Salenovich, senior center director.

Covid-19 precautions are required for passengers and drivers; all must wear a mask and observe physical distancing.

Residents needing transportation to medical, pharmacy, grocery or other locations are asked to contact the Claire Teague Senior Center, (413) 528-1881 at least 48 hours in advance.

About the Claire Teague Senior Center 

The Claire Teague Senior Center, which is overseen by the Great Barrington Council on Aging, serves the needs of the elderly population of Great Barrington by providing recreation, nutrition, education and entitlement assistance.

The center's collaboration with the Southern Berkshire Elderly Transportation Corporation (SBETC) provides transportation support to senior and disabled residents of our community.

The Claire Teague Center, while focused on elders, welcomes visitors and participants of all ages in their many programs, activities and classes.

The center's goal is to build an inclusive, intergenerational community of friends and neighbors.

You can learn more about the Claire Teague Senior Center by going here.

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