This past Tuesday, Sept. 15, The Town of Great Barrington held a Special Annual Town Meeting in the parking lot of Monument Mountain Regional High School. It was held in the same fashion as the meeting in June with social distancing taking place and participants being able to listen in from their radios on 90.5FM. This meeting was a continuation of the meeting that took place in June.

According to our friends at The Berkshire Edge, between the lengthy discussion and temperatures dipping into the 40s, the last seven articles on the warrant were continued to next year’s annual town meeting in the first week of May.

In addition, only two of the articles on the warrant that were put to a vote ultimately failed to pass. Most, such as moving $50,000 to the wastewater budget and changing the tax billing system from biannual to quarterly, were routine and elicited little comment.

You can read more by going to The Berkshire Edge's website.

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