It's been a tough summer thus far getting our 'Sounds of Summer' concerts in. Mother Nature hasn't been kind to us in Great Barrington on Tuesday evenings. Technically, we're still in the lead as we have been able to present three out of five concerts at this point.

After a huge rain out on July 27, this past Tuesday was a breath of fresh air as we were able to move forward with the concert at the Great Barrington VFW. The temperature was comfortable and we saw a mix of sun and clouds. With all of the elements lining up, we received a very nice turnout of folks who were able to enjoy the Hot Shot Hillbillies band. This band is full of talent. Due to the tremendous fiddle playing that the band includes in their mix, they were able to keep the attendees dancing with hits from Alabama, Tom Petty, Traveling Wilbury's, Creedence Clearwater Revival, John Denver even a unique and fun version of Guns N' Roses' 'Sweet Child O' Mine' just to name a few.

If you missed Sounds of Summer last night, you missed a real treat with this group. However, you can follow them around and see where they will be playing next by going here.

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Next week, get ready to rock as The Bizarro's will be bringing it with hard rockin' tunes but will also have some dance hits as well. Thanks to everyone who attended 'Sounds of Summer' and thanks to The Great Barrington VFW, Fairview Hospital, Community Health Programs, Day Mountain Sound, Fiddleheads Grille and Mount Everett Sanitation.

Photos from last night's concert are below. Enjoy!

Fun Times with the Hot Shot Hillbillies Band - 8/3/2021

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