Many folks throughout the southern Berkshires enjoy spending time at the Great Barrington VFW. Whether it's attending the "Sounds of Summer" concert series, checking out car shows, experiencing live music for worthy causes, attending outdoor picnics, or attending weddings, local folks treasure their experiences at the Great Barrington VFW. There's no doubt that the Great Barrington VFW is a source for community gatherings throughout the southern Berkshires and surrounding areas.

The Great Barrington VFW is Reaching Out to You

The Great Barrington VFW James A Modolo Post #8348 is reaching out to the community as the staff is looking for military artifacts. The Great Barrington VFW is in the process of renovating their Foreign Wars memorabilia and archives display and they are in need of a variety of military artifacts including the following:

  • photographs
  • letters
  • medals
  • badges
  • flags
  • weapons

The Great Barrington VFW asks that you document the serviceperson's rank, where they were stationed, his or her photograph, and any other pertinent information that the organization could include in the display of these items.

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Why is the Great Barrington VFW Doing This?

They want to make this renovation and collection of artifacts a museum-type setting and a way for people to view, understand and appreciate the importance and significance of these local enlisted men and women who answered the "call of duty." The VFW wants to keep the memories alive of these individuals for years to come.

How Do I Make a Donation to the Great Barrington VFW?

If you have any of the requested artifacts and are willing to donate them to the Great Barrington VFW, you can contact Donna Broderick or Carolyn Duprey at (413) 528-9701 and leave a message along with your phone number. They will gladly pick up the items if that is more convenient for you. The Great Barrington VFW is located at 800 South Main Street, Route 7 in Great Barrington.

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