As with most events that were scheduled to take place in 2020, the Holiday Shop, Sip &  Stroll that takes place in downtown Great Barrington each year was canceled for the in-person gathering but did push forward with a virtual version of the popular southern Berkshire event. Most people would agree that a virtual stroll just isn't the same as the traditional version that is hosted by the Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce.

We recently spoke with Betsy Andrus, the Chamber's Executive Director and she had some great news to report. The Holiday Stroll is back in person this year in downtown Great Barrington.

Here's what Betsy has to say about the return of this year's stroll:

We have had endless meetings and have been checking covid numbers through all different venus including the hospital and the states just to see where things are going. At this moment we see things plateauing off and are declining a hair. We are absolutely still planning on having the Holiday Stroll on Saturday, December 11. In the meantime, we'll keep checking the numbers.

The Chamber Will be Working Deligintely to Keep the Great Barrington Holiday Stroll Safe for Attendees

In order for everyone to be safe at the stroll, the Chamber is going to post rules for the day's activities. There will be limitations on how many people can be at each activity at one time particularly for any of the activities that are being held inside. Masks will be required for most activities. From there, it's up to the attendees on what/how much they want to do at the stroll. The Holiday Stroll in Great Barrington will be spread out on Main Street from the library to Wheeler and Taylor and Town Hall.

There are a few brand-new activities that have been added this year. You can find out the entire activity schedule by listening to Betsy's interview below. The Holiday Stroll will be on December 11 from 3-8:30 pm

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