We take time to salute Bob Barker today as he is celebrating his 95th birthday, a true milestone, indeed. Before bench marking his place in television, Bob started out behind the microphone in radio while attending Drury College in Springfield, Missouri and also worked in Palm Beach, Florida before heading out west to Los Angeles, California.

He made the transition to the small screen while in the City of Angels as producer Ralph Edwards hired him to emcee a new game show "Truth Or Consequences", a program that quizzed contestants and if they answered incorrectly, they would have to participate in a wacky series of stunts to redeem their natural place in the game. The syndicated show aired nationwide between 1956 and 1974.

However, it was back in 1972 where Barker would solidify his permanent place in television as he was chosen to host a re-vamped version of "The Price Is Right".  That would became his signature gig which lasted for 35 years on CBS until his official retirement in 2007. He would eventually receive Emmy Awards for his work and became the program's executive producer and the studio where TPIR is filmed is also named in his honor.

Barker is also an animal rights activist as he continues to look out for all four legged friends as he founded the DT & J Foundation which is named after his late wife, Dorothy Jo and his mother, Tilly. The organization has contributed millions of dollars towards animal neutering programs. He continues to put efforts towards this very important cause.

Younger audiences remember the classic duel between Barker and comedian Adam Sandler where he portrayed himself in the 1996 comedy "Happy Gilmore" as the pair duked it out during a Pro-Am golf tournament.

Once again, Happy Birthday Bob as you have truly reached an all-important milestone in life. Let's all COME ON DOWN and celebrate this momentous occasion. BEST to YOU ALWAYS.

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