Great Barrington, Mass. – As businesses begin to reopen, keeping their staff and customers safe is not simply a priority, it is the priority. In an effort to showcase and celebrate businesses that have implemented effective COVID-prevention strategies, the Town of Great Barrington and its research arm, @GBLabs, are pleased to announce the official launch of the GB S.A.F.E. Program.

The brainchild of local business owner Richard Stanley, the project was further developed by @GBLabs to showcase area businesses who are being responsible and responsive during this uncertain time.

“Public health and profits go hand in hand,” said Town Manager Mark Pruhenski. “Responsibility should be rewarded, and this program provides our businesses with another way to show their customers that safety is a top priority.”

For a business to receive their GB S.A.F.E. seal, they simply have to complete their attestation checklist by going here as required by the Commonwealth, and notify the town through either a Google Form whch you can access by going here or by calling the Town Health Department. Once town staff confirm that the business has completed and is displaying their form, the business owner will be presented with an official GB S.A.F.E. seal to display. The seal has a scannable QR code, which brings users to a website featuring partnering businesses and additional information about the program and safety protocols.

Questions regarding the GB S.A.F.E. program can be directed to either @GBLabs at or to the Health Department at (413) 528-0680.

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