Great Barrington Town Manager Jennifer Tabikan recently guest hosted the WSBS "Let's Talk" program. Jennifer's guest was Great Barrington Fire Chief Charlie Berger. With the holidays around the corner, Jennifer and Charlie felt that holiday fire prevention tips would be a timely and logical topic. Charlie shared some very useful tips with listeners including the following:

-Keeping Christmas trees watered (in addition, you'll want to remove the tree from your home fairly quickly after Christmas).

-When cooking, it's very easy to get distracted when family and friends are in your house (try to avoid distractions when cooking, a very common occurrence in holiday house fires)

-Regarding fire places and wood stoves: Make sure you have your chimney cleaned and that the fire places and wood stoves are in good working condition. Do not close flutes prematurely.

-Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors & smoke detectors in your home and that they are working properly (make sure working/fresh batteries are installed in the units).

-Keep fire hydrants clear of snow (if firefighters need to make an appearance, this will make their job easier but more importantly make them able to tackle the fire faster)

Those are some of the tips Charlie had. Do you have any to add to the list? If so, please share.



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