GREAT BARRINGTON – The Nonprofit Center of the Berkshires presents a workshop, 'Creating a Comprehensive Resource Development Plan in Support of Long-Term Sustainability' on Wednesday, Apr. 24 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Berkshire Community College South County Center at 343 Main Street in Great Barrington.

Many organizations continue to follow a reactive, short-term approach to resource development. This interactive training provides practical tools, insights, exercises and collective information needed to more proactively sustain existing financial resources and identify and secure new resources to support an organization’s critical work and long-term sustainability.

If a nonprofit organization does not have a flexible cash reserve, a strategic plan that drives resource development activities, or an engaged board committed to raising capital, this high-level conversation can support the development of a more comprehensive resource development model, a broader approach, and more impactful outcomes.

Topics include the need for a resource development paradigm shift, changing culture and strategies around resource development, a planning process including an inventory and performance matrix, and discussion of possible financial and non-financial resources. As part of a more formal process and plan, participants will collectively share information related to challenges, opportunities and approaches.

Presenter, Tom Phillips, is a thought-leader in the industry, providing professional support to nonprofit and government organizations and associations to achieve their mission and potential. For more information (including cost to attend) or to register online click here.

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