In a press release sent to WSBS, the Berkshire United Way and the Berkshire Museum have released a video to show appreciation and support for those in the community working on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This video features essential workers in the healthcare field, in grocery stores and providing child care, as well as postal workers, bank tellers, emergency and safety personnel and dedicated volunteers.

Pittsfield singer-songwriter Billy Keane’s new song “Never Give Up,” written while he was in quarantine, serves as the soundtrack for the video. Filmed by a small, masked crew in April, Keane performed his song alongside Winged Victory in an empty Berkshire Museum.

“These essential workers sacrifice their own well-being to allow us as a society to progress safely into a brighter future. This project is one way that we are able to acknowledge those on the front lines; it’s a show of appreciation, a humble giving back, a message of solidarity. That’s what “Never Give Up” was intended to be,” said Keane. “I think it's in times of adversity when a community has the opportunity to truly rise up and I am very proud to have been a part of this beautiful project, helmed by Berkshire United Way and the Berkshire Museum.”

This crisis has had a devastating impact on Berkshire County. As vulnerable populations have grown and needs have increased, frontline employees are working harder than ever to meet these demands. Berkshire United Way teamed up with the Berkshire Museum to create this video after their work on COVID-19 relief efforts in the community revealed a need for a morale boost for frontline workers and the community as a whole.

“The Berkshire United Way team has seen first-hand the extraordinary efforts and work of our community’s frontline workers. We appreciate those whose jobs entail helping individuals and families struggling right now and hope this video provides the morale boost we all need to move through the next few weeks and months,” said Candace Winkler, CEO and president of Berkshire United Way. “This video was a great collaborative effort with the Berkshire Museum, and we are excited for everyone to see and share this video.”

“In times like this, there are always those exceptional people who do what is needed to see the community through,” said Berkshire Museum Executive Director Jeff Rodgers. “This video is a way to say that we recognize the herculean efforts and sacrifices being made by so many, that your work is recognized and that we, as a community, are grateful.”

You can get more information about the video and the Berkshire United Way by going here.

(press release info and YouTube video sent to WSBS from the Berkshire United Way for online/on air use)

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