Do any Pats fans want to shuffle off to Buffalo this weekend to see the Patriots vs. Bills Wild Card game Saturday night? Who wouldn’t want to be inside Highmark Stadium for the 8:15 kickoff between the division rivals? Buffalo is a lot like Florida this time of year. Florida, Massachusetts that is. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature at game time Saturday night will be around 3 degrees. Wow! Three of them! It may snow in the morning with only cloudy skies at night so once you brush all the snow off your seat, you’ll be good to go.

While the weather might not be an attractive sell to persuade you off your couch in front of your giant 70-inch mega TV maybe the price of a ticket will. Currently, on StubHub you can pick up tickets for between $50 and $100. The tix are in the “Upper Level” but they are a lot cheaper than if the game was hosted by the Pats at Gillette. The most expensive seat listed at last check was Club Level Sideline seats running $1,024. Most other decent Club Level Sideline seats are going for $500 to $600 bucks.
To get to Buffalo you have a few options. The drive from Pittsfield to the stadium will take you about 5 ½ hours. To fly it will cost you around $350 per ticket and take you to Washington, Detroit, or Philly first before landing in Buffalo 6 hours later. The same if you want to depart from Bradley in Hartford.

With the game not getting over until after 11, you’ll need to spend at least one night in Buffalo. That may seem like an eternity but you can do it on the cheap with rooms currently available from $55 for the hole in the wall (probably literally with holes in the wall) to decent hotels around $150 to the most expensive currently with availability for $550.

Don’t forget to budget for beer and wings while you’re there. According to Yelp the "Best Chicken Wings in Buffalo" can be found at Wingnutz. An order of 10 wings will run you about $15. Nobody can just eat 10 so you might want to order 30 wings for $40. After all, you’re living the good life in Buffalo this weekend.

After further contemplation, personally, I think I’ll be staying home in the Berkshires this Saturday and enjoying all the action from my warm and cozy living room. After all with COVID, all that traffic going to the game, Bills fans everywhere, maybe I’ll put off that trip to beautiful Buffalo when things quiet down in February.

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