October 25 is a day I will never forget. It was two years ago today that I was given a second chance at life thanks to a long time friend and guardian angel John Pitroff. Since that time, life has been great. My kidney is functioning very well and my anti-rejection medication levels are perfect.

John's selflessness enabled my wife, Amber, and I to take the next step in our life together. Our first child, a girl, will be coming into this world in 2020. She is due on April 6. We are completely over the moon and can't wait to meet her. I don't take this for granted. John is the one who made this dream a reality. Sure, Amber and I could've tried a few years ago. As a matter fact, we were seriously aiming to start a family in our early thirties, but at 32, my kidney function began seriously and rapidly declining. Raising a child with the possibility of dialysis looming wasn't a task we wanted to endeavor to undertake.

It wouldn't be until four years later we had a second chance at starting a family. Thanks to John, we can focus on putting our full attention into our child. John made living life normal for Amber and I. Best of all, John made our dream come true. When I look at my daughter, I wont be able to help but to think of John and the miracle he has provided for me and my family. John, here's to you. In the words of Ric Flair, brother..."Wooooooo!"

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