St. Mary’s School in Lee, Massachusetts will celebrate its 100 days of in-person learning for the 2020-2021 academic year this Thursday. As noted in a press release, this accomplishment occurred due to appropriate safety precautions like masking, distancing and hand washing. St. Mary’s school has not experienced any spread of COVID-19 since opening its doors to in-person learning on Aug. 31, 2020.

St. Mary’s has held classes for approximately 110 students ranging from preschool through eighth grade this year. The Lee campus is one of fourteen Western Massachusetts schools operated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, all of which have offered traditional in-person education for this academic year. Enrollment has increased this year by approximately 25% over last year.

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Principal Jennifer Masten made the following statement.

St. Mary’s staff, teachers, students and families have been conscientious in following common sense COVID-19 safety protocols which have allowed us to operate our school entirely in-person this academic year. While seeing our students learn and grow this past year has been a blessing, our hearts go out to the many students, parents, and teachers who are struggling to make the best of remote learning.

St. Mary’s school will celebrate the 100 days of school on Thursday, February 25th with a fun-filled day of friendly competition including STEM and art projects, classroom door decorating and more.

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