We have had quite the bear theme lately as we've been sharing videos containing bears in the Berkshires caught on camera. Most of the time the bears are roaming around looking for food or minding their own business. Other times, you'll see a mama with two or three cubs making their way around someone's property. No matter what, it's fun to view these bear sightings in the Berkshires.

Because the bear population has been so robust this year, folks have been able to share their findings with friends and family on social media. We get to enjoy these videos thanks to modern technology. Imagine if this were 20-30 years ago, we wouldn't be able to reap the benefits of seeing wildlife on video. We could to a lesser extent if someone had a camcorder handy, but still only a limited amount of people would be able to enjoy the videos. Plus, who would have a bulky camcorder ready to go when they see wildlife in their backyard. That' pretty unlikely.

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This latest video that we are sharing with you brings us to Hampshire County and features a big mama bear with her two cubs stepping off of a rock wall and crossing a driveway in nearby Berkshire town, Huntington, MA.

This is another adorable video to add to the collection as the mama and her cubs appear to be enjoying themselves as they make their way across the driveway. Ah, summertime brings such fun and we are glad that a member of the Facebook group What's Up in the Hilltowns was able to share this gem. Checkout the fun video below.

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