Remember not so long ago how difficult it was to get the COVID-19 vaccine? It seems like a while ago but it was only a few months back. In the beginning you had to be of a certain age, have certain conditions, battle to sign up on the website and then of course wait in a long line on the day once your appointment was made. For the steps that it took to receive your vaccine, in the grand scheme of life, it really wasn't that bad and our health care providers were doing the best they could to make sure all of our vaccine needs were met.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. For me, the process came pretty easily since I'm someone who had undergone kidney transplant surgery nearly four years ago. My experience really was anything but a hassle, but I know many that did undergo some of the obstacles that I previously stated. I mention all of this because in present time, it's incredibly easy to get your vaccine as there are many walk-in clinics with no appointments needed, no pre-registering and pretty much no waiting for people ahead of you. Plus you have Community Health Program's (CHP) Big Orange Bus (B.O.B.) out there delivering the vaccine to people who want it at various events. It's pretty much impossible not to get the vaccine if you want it.

You Can Get Your Vaccine This Weekend

Speaking of CHP, they are offering up another easy opportunity to get your vaccine this weekend as the organization is holding an "all vaccine" clinic this Saturday (Aug. 28) at their Great Barrington location which is at 444 Stockbridge Road from 9am - 1pm. When I say it's all vaccine, it is all vaccines which includes Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson options. Of course getting your vaccine this Saturday is free of charge.

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Are Other Vaccines Being Offered at This Weekend's Clinic? 

For existing CHP patients, vaccines such as measles, tetanus, shingles and other routine inoculations are also available, and for these the cost is covered through insurance, self-pay or sliding-scale payment. This is according to an email that was sent to us from CHP.

Will 'Additional Dose' Vaccine be Offered at This Clinic?

Yes. "Additional dose" is being offered at this Saturday's clinic which at this point is available to those who's systems are moderately to severely immune compromised.

I'm Not Sure if I Qualify for 'Additional Dose.' How do I Find Out?  

If you are not sure if you qualify for 'Additional Dose,' you can contact CHP at (413) 528-8580 and/or speak with your doctor. You can also get more information by going here.

Any Goodies Being Given Away at This Saturday's Vaccine Clinic? 

As is been the case for the past few events where B.O.B. has been present, if you get your vaccine at this weekend's clinic, you will be entered into a drawing to receive tickets to the Big E. Kids receiving vaccines will get a free toy.

The Takeaway 

In conclusion, if you haven't been able to get your vaccine for whatever reason, a golden opportunity awaits you this weekend. Don't let it slip by.

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