Not only are Massachusetts folks dealing with trying times, but people all over the country are also facing a host of issues from sicknesses like COVID variants, the flu, RSV, and the list goes on and on. Then you have the economic struggles of paying rent, buying groceries, paying heating bills, and finding affordable housing just to name a few. I think most if not all of us can agree that the struggle is real.


There is also a Silent Killer That is Taking the Lives of Massachusetts Residents Each Year

Another health issue that is adding to these trying times that many of us may not even realize is a silent killer. Usually, when we think of the silent killer we are usually talking about high blood pressure. However, this isn't the disease that we're discussing here. According to a July 2022 article that was published by Boston College  Air pollution remains a silent killer in Massachusetts, responsible for an estimated 2,780 deaths a year and for measurable cognitive loss in Bay State children exposed to fine particulate pollutants in the air they breathe, according to a new study by researchers at Boston College’s Global Observatory on Planetary Health. (Massachusetts plans on phasing out gas-powered vehicles. You can read more about this by going here.) 

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What About the Cognitive Loss Issue in Massachusetts Children? 

Regarding the cognitive loss issue, the article states that in 2019 there was a loss of almost two million Performance IQ points or more than 2 IQ points for the average Massachusetts child. Obviously, there's much work that Massachusetts has to do to level up its game when it comes to having clean air. The report recommends a lengthy list of actions that should be taken in order to rectify Massachusetts' clean air issue which you can view along with the article that was published by Boston College by going here.

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