They say you got to to be in it to win it! Recently, a trio of lottery winners throughout the Bay state have picked up a cool $100 thousand in prize money and one of the lucky tickets from the Massachusetts Millionaire's Club was sold right here in south county at The Shell gas station on Stockbridge Road in Great Barrington. The other two winners: A Mass cash ticket that was purchased at Dick's Variety north in Salisbury and King Liquors in Lowell rewarded a patron with a winning $15 Million Money Maker ticket, even though the top prize was not won, the 100 grand is STILL a nice chunk of change. I'm envious for sure, but I better find some extra one dollar bills and try to get in on the winning. Any extra money these days would come in very handy for sure!

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Other parts of Massachusetts fared out even better as a winning million dollar "Ca$h To Go" ticket was recently sold at a Stop & Shop in neighboring Springfield. Amazing news concerning The P.M. Investment Trust of Fall River hit pay dirt with a $15 million lottery ticket purchased by trustee Joseph H. Silvia as the lottery headquarters corporate office in Dorchester gave the firm a check that totaled about $7 million after taxes were taken out (WOW! that's almost half of the winnings that went in Uncle Sam's pocket)

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Congratulations to all the aforementioned statewide winners as Bay State residents (including yours truly) now need to get in on the band wagon and try their luck at the lottery numbers which could prove to be a life changing experience on a financial level. As for me, I would settle for a couple of hundred dollars just to meet my expenses, (I'm not greedy) but we ALL can dream, can't we! 2 words: GOOD LUCK!!

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For more detailed information regarding The Massachusetts Lottery, log on to their web site by going here.

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