It seems like every state has some outdated or just plain old weird laws. Take Massachusetts for example, we have covered the strange laws regarding the penalties for defacing a milk carton along with scaring a pigeon in Massachusetts. How about the "no more than three sandwiches" rule at Massachusetts wakes? These are just three examples of bizarre laws that are still on the books in Massachusetts but aren't really enforced in this day in age, thank goodness. You can dive deeper into these laws as well as 28 additional strange Massachusetts laws by going here.

Massachusetts isn't Alone When it Comes to Strange Laws

As previously mentioned, Massachusetts isn't the only state that has laws that are either outdated or weird or both. For example, New York has a strange law that is on the books where one cannot walk around on a Sunday with an ice cream cone in his or her pocket. Yep, that's pretty weird and pointless wouldn't you say? In addition, in New York, a fine can be levied for flirting. If this law were actually enforced, there would be plenty of people in the Empire State getting fined left and right. You can check out 14 weird New York laws by going here.

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Another strange law that is on the books in New York is that if you are riding an elevator, it's illegal to speak to people. You must remain quiet, keep your hands folded and face toward the door. We included this in the list of 14 weird New York laws that we mentioned earlier.

Does the Elevator Law Apply to Massachusetts? 

By the way, the elevator rule isn't a law in Massachusetts surprisingly. Even if it was, much like New York, it probably wouldn't be enforced. So the next time you're on an elevator with someone in Massachusetts, feel free to chat away. That is if that person doesn't mind you doing so.

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