Not to sound morbid but I'm interested in Massachusetts funeral and burial laws. I'm not sure why I have this fascination. It could be because my father passed away when I was 13 or maybe because I'm a big fan of horror movies. Whatever the reason, I must have been a funeral director or an undertaker in another life.


I Even Took a Death and Dying Course Years Ago in North Adams

I remember when I was in college back in the early 2000s I elected to take a summer course at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) in North Adams entitled "Death and Dying." It was one of my favorite courses that I took in my college days. One of the activities that took place during the course consisted of the class taking a tour of Hillside Cemetery in North Adams. That was fun as local North County historian Paul Marino did an excellent job educating our class about the cemetery. You can read about the Hillside Cemetery on Paul's site by going here. (Also, check out these ghostly voices that were captured on video at the Hillside Cemetery in North Adams) 


I Even Wrote Up My Own Obituary in the Death and Dying Class at MCLA

Another assignment the class had was to write our own obituaries. That was a bit strange as we had to imagine what our lives were like after we died but again it was fun. I should dig it out and see exactly what I wrote but I know I included working in radio and having a family as part of the death notice which is matching closely to reality at this point in my life.

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One thing I have wondered especially now since I have been reflecting on the Death and Dying course is...

Can Massachusetts Residents Conduct a Funeral at Home?

I was just thinking since times are tough for folks lately and prices on the everyday cost of living items keep increasing, could you save a few bucks and conduct a funeral at home? Guess what?

You Can. It's Perfectly Legal in Massachusetts to Conduct a Home Funeral

This is what USFunerals Online had to say about having home funerals in Massachusetts:

The laws in Massachusetts do allow for you to conduct your own funeral services and you do not legally have to employ a funeral director if you desire not to. A home funeral or family-directed funeral is one where the family conducts all care and preparation of their lost loved one, and transports him or her to the cemetery or crematory for disposition.


Not that you're probably thinking about funeral preparations on a daily basis but if that's something that you do have to plan soon, it's good to know that this option is available to Massachusetts residents.

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