Massachusetts residents are gearing up for Christmas and there's quite a bit to do. If you haven't done your shopping yet you may want to get to work soon. May I suggest doing some of your holiday shopping in the Berkshires as you'll find many locally owned businesses and something for everyone in such towns and cities as Great Barrington, Lenox, Williamstown, North Adams, and Pittsfield just to name a few.

In addition to buying presents for those on your shopping list another task that will need attention soon is shopping for and preparing the festive meal, this is if you are hosting a holiday gathering. You have to get the appetizers, the drinks, side dishes, the turkey, ham, or roast beef, and then actually cook the meal. Hopefully, you can recruit some family and friends to help prepare the bountiful feast.

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What is Massachusetts' Most Popular Christmas Dish? 

One thing that you may not know is that according to Delish, the most iconic and popular Christmas dish for the State of Massachusetts is cranberry sauce. I suppose that makes sense as cranberry farming started in Massachusetts many moons ago. When it comes to cranberry bogs, Massachusetts is at the top of the list.

Our neighboring states were also included in the list and we have listed their top Christmas dishes below:

  • Maine - Rib Roast
  • New Hampshire - Pumpkin Pie
  • New York/Rhode Island - Apple Pie
  • Vermont - Pancakes
  • Connecticut - Turkey

You can get more information about the study and view the most popular side dishes for all 50 states by going here.

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