Massachusetts has plenty of laws. Some are a bit strange while others make sense. One law that Massachusetts passed in November of last year is related to waste which you can check out by going here. As noted, the waste disposal ban includes textiles. According to, textiles are defined as bedding, clothing, curtains, fabric, footwear, towels, and similar items.

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Like many people, you probably have some old bedding...sheets, pillowcases, etc. that are either stylistically outdated, worn, torn, or just nasty. You'll never use them again but under the recent Massachusetts Waste Disposal Ban, you can not throw those bedding items in the trash.

Why Did Massachusetts Put This Ban Into Effect? 

As you probably suspect, the reason for this ban is to keep these articles out of landfills. Not only is this environmental-friendly, but the fibers from the bedding can be repurposed into other materials. In addition, the bedding articles can be donated to someone who is in need of these items.

If I Can't Throw Away My Old Bedding, How Can I Remove the Items from My Massachusetts Home?  

With warmer weather moving in you may be thinking about doing some spring cleaning and sprucing up your bedroom. Just remember if you are going to get rid of your current bedding materials, recycle them. It's as simple as that. Worn, torn, and stained bedding can be recycled. All you need to do is make sure the bedding items are clean and dry. Happy cleaning.

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