I love it when folks on social media share animal videos. I find them fun and fascinating. Oftentimes, especially in Berkshire County-related Facebook groups, people will share videos and photos of bears. This makes sense as bear sightings are common here in the Berkshires and throughout much of Massachusetts. Whether it's playing, knocking over trash cans, or roaming for food, bear videos get posted regularly. While these videos are entertaining they can also be used as a teachable tool as a way to let people know to make sure food isn't left outside near their homes and that bird feeders are taken inside.

There are Some Other Enjoyable Massachusetts-Related Animal Videos Out There as Well 

Bears aside, other animal-related videos will make their way across my Facebook feed from time to time. One particular video that I found to be a rare gem was of an owl in Massachusetts taking a bath. If you missed that one, you can view that video by going here. Another video which was recently shared by Sally Naser of CR Wildlife Cams features some busy beavers getting their lodging ready for the cold months ahead. Here, you'll get an amazing close-up of the beavers hard at work.

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A big thank you to Sally for sharing this video. I mean, how often do you get to see something like this captured on video, especially with this type of close-up? This is nature at its finest and I'm looking forward to the next video that Sally shares with the Facebook community. By the way, do you have any interesting videos of animals in nature? Let us know. We would love to see them.

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