The locals call someone who moves to Cape Cod but was not born there a Washashore. In Texas, a young girl barrel-raced on Pleasant Valley Ranch and had never seen the ocean. So when Monica Rizzio crossed over the iconic bridges of Cape Cod in 2004, she instantly became the Washashore Cowgirl. The former Tripping Lily front woman has left behind the acoustic, condenser mic style and has brought her East Texas roots up North for her debut LP fittingly named, “Washashore Cowgirl.” After leaving the band in 2013, she purchased a 1956 Martin O-18, named it Bo, and plugged in. For the next few years she started playing with a bunch of salty, accomplished Cape Cod musicians who helped bring back the cowgirl attitude and inspired her to write about her sometimes humorous, sometimes tear-jerking journey from Texas, love, and heartache. Much of the album is like a stiff cocktail, deeply auto-biographical and mixed with a hint of fiction.

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“ Monica Rizzio’s songs feel both rustic and refined, and she delivers them in a compelling voice that’s equal parts tenderness and sass. She reminds me of a slightly duskier Nanci Grith.” — Mark Erelli

Monica will be performing live at the Egremont Barn tonight (April 13th) at 8:00 P.M.

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