Construct Inc. reports in a media release that rents are skyrocketing, housing options are drying up, and families who have never needed Construct are suddenly at risk of being homeless.

A housing crisis is looming on the horizon and Construct needs your help. Single parents, already living close to the edge, are unable to look for jobs because they are at home caring for children who are remote learning.

Essential workers, out of work and unable to afford rent, have taken to living on their friends' couches to survive.

Neighbors with low income and compromised immune systems have shut themselves into their homes–terrified of leaving them for health reasons and terrified of losing them when the eviction moratorium lifts.

On Dec. 31, eviction protections will end.

Based in Great Barrington, Construct has been the leading nonprofit provider of affordable housing and supportive services to south Berkshire county residents in need for over 50 years.

Construct has produced some appeal videos. View and listen to what your friends and neighbors in the southern Berkshires are saying about Construct's service to the community and how Construct has assisted them during these difficult times.

The first video can be viewed here, the second video here and the third video here.

More About Construct

Construct provides emergency funds, rental assistance, and microloans to cover security deposits, fuel bills, utility bills and other housing-related costs.

Focusing on providing assistance to those who would not otherwise become homeless or who are transitioning away from homelessness, Construct works closely with many community partners including Volunteers with Medicine, The Brien Center, Great Barrington Family Resource Center, United Way, and Greylock Credit Union.

Consider making a donation to Construct by going here.

(information sent to WSBS from Construct Inc. for online and on-air use)

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