Do you own/run a business or are you planning on starting a business but are in need of a location? How about a location in the heart of Great Barrington? That seems like an important consideration, doesn't it? Well, we have some good news for you as the Flying Church in Great Barrington is now complete and ready for businesses to setup shop. Owner Paul Joffe had been renovating the former United Methodist Church for over a year and now the structure is ready to go.

According to Spectrum News1, the original structure had to be raised by nearly seven feet.

Joffe made the following statement:

The foundation was in very bad condition. It was an old fieldstone foundation. It was undermined. It was no good. So it had to be jacked up at least an inch to get another foundation underneath. And once you jack it up an inch, it doesn't matter, jack it up a few more feet or whatever.

Now that the structure is complete, there is room on the ground floor for new businesses to move in and grow.

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Joffe had the following to say on the potential for business growth within the updated structure:

They made a plan a while back to have more streetscapes, more walking in town, that's the kind of town this is. We're adding to that. So what was a place people didn't really notice before, is now a place that you can go and have a nice time and explore.

In addition to the church becoming a home base for businesses, you'll also have the opportunity to dine and enjoy live music. The Flying Church is definitely a great opportunity for the business and cultural district to thrive in downtown. Is this just another sign or omen of the return to normalcy?

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