This is something that I thought would be fitting to share with you just in time for Thanksgiving. I have been seeing this guy (or gal) for the past couple of months in my neighborhood when I go out for my daily walk. In the beginning, this Turkey was much smaller and a bit more timid. He would walk up and down the streets in my neighborhood and I would see him hanging out in neighborhood front lawns.

Now he is much bigger and I think much more comfortable in the neighborhood as he is now showing up in the most peculiar places. I took all of the below photos this morning when I was out for my walk and as you can see he is standing on top of a house and relaxing on my neighbor's railing. This is quite a fun and unique find. And no I didn't edit or superimpose any of these pics. They are as natural as this wild turkey. This guy is really brave considering Thanksgiving is only a couple of days

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