The Great Barrington Police Department has taken possession of a new Speed Trailer Monitor approved by the town meeting vote in May.

As noted in a media release, the trailer includes options for police to measure, analyze and record data to help identify violation trends by day, time and locations. It also has a messaging system to help warn citizens of road hazards and to send educational messages to promote traffic safety.

Sgt. Paul Storti made the following statement:

I think this an excellent example of how we all can work together to get things done. Motorists need to be responsible. Traffic safety is extremely important to us and getting vehicles to slow down is a priority. Motorists have to realize that there are people walking their dogs, people exercising and kids playing in these areas and they need to be aware of their speed and to slow down for everyone’s safety

If anyone knows of a road that would benefit from using the trailer, Sgt. Storti can be contacted at

Officer Brandon Hammer is also assigned to use the monitor.

Article Image: Parking Enforcement Officer Grace VanSant and Officer Brandon Hammer

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About the Great Barrington Police Department

The Police Department enhances the quality of life in the Town of Great Barrington by complying with best practices in law enforcement, including accountability of its employees, and by developing partnerships with the community and the other entities of government in a manner that promotes preservation of life and property, maintains peaceful public order, controls and expedites traffic, provides a safe environment, works with youth and tourists, assures timely response to victims of crime, fosters close cooperation with neighboring law enforcement agencies and assures the enforcement of law with respect for human dignity.

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