If you're a resident of Great Barrington particularly the Village of Housatonic, you're more than aware of the water interruption activity that has taken place over the past few months as Housatonic Water Works Company is replacing hydrants on a somewhat regular basis. Some information came out recently from the Town of Great Barrington regarding more hydrant replacements this week.

According to an email that was sent to WSBS from the Town of Great Barrington, this  Wednesday, Oct. 6, the Housatonic Water Works Company will be replacing a fire hydrant near 271 North Plain Road. This will require turning the water off to the mainline supplying area. The water will be off from the work site north along North Plain Road and the side streets up to the Williamsville area. They anticipate the water being off for approximately 3 hours between 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Work will be done as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of time the water will be off, and once the water service is restored, customers may be affected by roily water. Please call the Housatonic Waterworks Company with any questions at 528-1780.

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In addition, another email was sent to WSBS from the Town of Great Barrington letting residents know that the Selectboard will host a meeting on Oct.12 to update Housatonic residents about the town’s recent efforts related to the Housatonic Water Co.’s water quality issues.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 12, via Zoom. The meeting link is on the town website.

Great Barrington Town Manager, Mark Pruhenski made the following statement:

We have been gathering information and meetings are underway. Water quality involves many players, including the state Department of Public Utilities, Department of Environmental Protection, the Great Barrington Fire District, the water company owner and others. We are moving this ball forward and Selectboard would like to update and hear from our Village residents.

According to the email, the town is committed to investigating how to proceed with water quality issues impacting some residents of the Housatonic Water Company, a private business serving the Housatonic area.

Recent engineering documents regarding the Housatonic Water Co. system, water quality, and upgrade/replacement options can be found by going here.

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