We are now deep into one of my favorite months of the year, October. I love Halloween and have been enjoying driving by some decent Halloween displays throughout the Berkshires. Everything from electric chairs, purple & orange lights, ghouls, ghosts, and even full-blown Ghostbusters displays are just some of the sights I have seen when traveling throughout various towns in Berkshire County.

Have You Seen Any Pink Lights During Your Berkshire County/Massachusetts Travels?

You probably are seeing some cool Halloween displays yourself as you make your travels throughout Massachusetts and the Berkshires. One particular thing you may see during the month of October which isn't Halloween-related includes pink porch lights. What do they mean? During some months you'll see various colored lights displayed on people's porches to celebrate or pay tribute to someone or something. Some of the colors you'll see throughout the year include blue, yellow, and green. Again, why pink, and why in October?

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Pink is Associated with a Common Disease

This one isn't hard to guess as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and of course, pink is the color associated with breast cancer. So if you are driving by a house that has a pink porch light on display during the month of October that is likely the reason why the light is out there. If you want to show support for breast cancer awareness, you can pick yourself up pink porch light bulbs at various hardware stores, or do a Google search and purchase them online. According to the website, Restore Decor & More, these bulbs last approximately 25,000 hours. So, if you are up for it this month, let your pink light shine.

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