If you have been driving around lately, you may have seen purple lights displayed outside of people's homes. I for one have seen purple lights integrated into other Halloween decorations and lights throughout the Berkshires including Pittsfield, Great Barrington, and Lee. This makes sense as purple looks good against orange and red to celebrate and support Halloween.

There's Another Reason You May be Seeing Purple Lights in Massachusetts

If you happen to see purple lights, specifically purple porch lights while you're out and about it may not necessarily have anything to do with Halloween. You see, October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and folks throughout Massachusetts and the rest of the country display these lights to show that they are standing up against domestic violence. This is according to Restore Decor and More. Plus, people want to be part of the vehicle that spreads this awareness so purple porch lights serve as a symbol for that awareness. There is still time left in the month to purchase purple lights which you can do online. In reality, you can spread awareness about domestic violence by having purple porch lights displayed all throughout the year if you wish. That's completely up to you.

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You May Also See Pink Porch Lights During October

There are a few causes that are spotlighted during the month of October and if you are wondering why you're seeing pink porch lights on display, we wrote up a previous article about this which you can check out by going here. Pink porch lights do bring awareness to another very important cause. Get yourself some pink lights today.

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