WSBS recently received an email from Sabrina Ruggiero of Community Health Programs regarding  phase two of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts COVID-19 Vaccination program which begins on Feb. 1, 2021.

According to Ruggiero, if you qualify or would like to understand if you qualify to receive a vaccination during this phase, you can go to the website to the COVID-19 page to ascertain this and to find available locations to then signup for an appointment now for a February appointment.

There are several locations in Berkshire County that you can make an appointment to get the vaccine if you qualify:

  • Walgreens, Lee & Pittsfield (and some locations in CT)
  • Stop & Shop, Pittsfield
  • Berkshire Allergy, Pittsfield

Ruggiero went on to state the following:

For Walgreen's at least it asks that you create an personal Walgreen's account online at their website whether or not you are a Walgreen's customer and have a Walgreen's customer card. You can also try this website to make an appointment to get the vaccine at the W.E.B. Du Bois Middle School in Great Barrington. In either case you'll need to download the Self Attestation Form found at the website mentioned above and bring it to your appointment along with a MA driver's license or MA Identification card plus your health insurance card if you have health insurance. Health insurance is not required to get the vaccine, but for some reason they need to understand whether you have it or not?

Ruggiero also mentioned that , Berkshire South Regional Community Center's website has some helpful information should you have any difficulties navigating either vaccine appointment website listed here.

Furthermore, Ruggiero added the following:

I will also mention that in the questionnaire you complete at the MA Immunizations website it asks you to upload the front and back of your insurance card but it is not a required field. You only need to type in your insurance information in the boxes with a red asterisk. Both appointment processes are not easy, but I was able to make an appointment for my mother at the middle school as the appointments were, at that moment in time, more readily available. The website hasn't opened up the entire month of February yet and the first week of appointments were already taken. It may be the case that you'll have to keep checking back if you don't get an appointment the first time you try at either website.

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