Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has signed a bill requiring visitors who enter the Bay State must self-quarantine for 14 days. This rule does NOT apply for those who are traveling to an from neighboring state that include New York, Connecticut, Vermont, New Jersey, Rhode Island and New Hampshire. If you plan to head north to Maine, a quarantine was recently implemented to all travelers, including those from neighboring New England states to isolate, however those coming from The Pine Tree State do not need to follow that practice which takes effect at 12:01 am on Saturday, August 1st.

Travelers who return from the Aloha State of Hawaii are also EXEMPT from these restrictions.

Healthcare, public health, public safety, transportation and other essential workers that are required to travel across state lines are also exempt from the self-quarantine requirement provided they submit proper proof of their work details and specific duties that necessitate transit to their impending destinations.

Another option of exemption is those entering Massachusetts MUST take a test for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival. If the result yields negative, the quarantine does not apply, but until the final result is obtained, you must self-isolate until a negative result turns positive.

Symptoms of COVID-19 can include a fever higher than 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit/38 degrees Celsius, a cough or shortness of breath. Avoid contact with others, call ahead before you visit the doctor's office or a hospital emergency room and alert medical personnel about your recent travel as soon as possible. It is mandatory to wear a mask or face covering in public places, practice frequent hand washing and practice social distancing by staying 6 feet apart  For further details, go the web site by going here

Those who are entering The Bay State and residents who do not meet an exemption are required to complete a Massachusetts Travel Form prior to arrival unless you are visiting from a low risk state designated by the Department of Health. failure to comply will result in a $500 per day fine until proper documentation is submitted. If you are passing through any part of Massachusetts to make a connection to their airplane, bus or train and if you're travelling by car you are allowed a pit stop at a rest area and this can extend as long as the  designated driver continues to their impending destination.

If you are commuting for work or school, depending on your location, keep in mind the exception applies only to and from the person's actual residence therefore it could be unlikely they can rely on this exemption and self-isolation rules will still apply. Keep in mind parents, guardians and family members who will drop off incoming students must also provide proof of negative test results within 72 hours prior to arrival or they will face a 14 day quarantine.

Military personnel who are required to travel into The Bay State by order of a Federal or State military authority would be exempt from any mandatory quarantine provided they have a written document from their superior officers.

Complete information can be found on the web site

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