The Town of Great Barrington is recruiting dispatchers for the town's new senior transit program. Grocery shoppers are also needed to do shopping for, or to pickup, groceries for homebound seniors.

Town residents 60 and over are encouraged to apply for these positions through the town's Senior Tax Work-off program, which provides a property tax reduction in exchange for hours spent working on town projects (in exchange for your work for the town you would earn a property tax exemption of up to $1,500 on your FY 2021 real estate taxes; your work would take place prior to Aug. 28, 2020. There are no income or asset limits for those participating; applications are accepted throughout this calendar period. There is a 125-hour cap on total time worked in a year; many participants might work fewer hours).

Up to five dispatchers are being recruited to work one 2.5 hour shift per week. Dispatchers must complete up to four hours of training and have pleasant phone skills to assist callers.

The town's new transportation program, which replaces the Southern Berkshire Elderly Transportation Program, is for seniors or disabled residents needing transit to medical appointments, prescription pick-up and grocery pickup. The service, for now, is limited to residents of Great Barrington, including Housatonic. Any changes to this program will be announced as they arise.

Interested residents are asked to contact the Town Manager's office by emailing, regarding either position.

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