Sheffield Kiwanis continues to support and improve the lives of children and families throughout the southern Berkshires. Some of the ways Sheffield Kiwanis supports the community is by way of local projects including 'Warm the Children.' This project usually takes place in the fall months when the weather is starting to get cold. Through this project, Sheffield Kiwanis provides new winter clothing to local children in need.

There are Also a Number of Other Ways in Which Sheffield Kiwanis Supports the Southern Berkshires.

With COVID-19 putting many families out of work, it's been difficult for those folks to make ends meet, thus a number of local residents and families are relying on area food pantries as a major source of food for their households. As a result, Sheffield Kiwanis has stepped forward by helping to restock the local food shelves via multiple food drives that the group hosts at the Price Chopping parking lot in Great Barrington throughout the year. There's no doubt that Sheffield Kiwanis is doing their part in supporting children, families, and the community in general throughout the southern Berkshire area not only during these trying times but every year.

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Sheffield Kiwanis is also There for High School Students That are Planning to Continue Their Education

Another item that Sheffield Kiwanis is currently working on is their annual scholarship project. The club's application is currently available by going here. Eligible students from Mount Everett and Monument Mountain high schools seeking financial assistance to continue their education after graduation are invited to apply. Completed application and all relevant information must be received by April 1, 2022. If you have questions and/or if you prefer to have the application emailed to you, you can do that by sending an email to:

Thank you Sheffield Kiwanis for all that you do throughout the year. Our local community is better for it.

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