Castles in Berkshire county? You can view an assortment of them via a site specific installation presented by Bard College at Simon's Rock as sculpture students at the Great Barrington campus have contributed to this extraordinary exhibit which has been overseen by faculty member Chris Domenick as he explores the hierarchies and design conditions with the framework based on a game of chess.

The Hillman-Jackson Gallery is home base to this creative journey as this venue has been transferred into a 15 by 24 foot chess board as each playing piece has been designed and welded from steel stating a metaphorical equivalent in today's modern society. The rules of this game date back to medieval feudalism and warrior nobility that also surrounds the evolution of socio-political structures as all participants are represented in times when government and war is compared to a game that is played by those in power.

The display's creator, Chris Domenick is a graduate of Hunter College and his work has been included in recent exhibitions including The Canada Gallery, Vanity East, Essex Flowers, Situations, Torrance Shipman, Regina Rex and Room East. He has recently participated in residencies that include The Shandaken Project, The Sharpe-Walentas Space Program and various sculpture and recess activities.

You can view this unique exhibit at The Daniels Arts Center until this Saturday, May 18th. Bard College at Simon's Rock is located on Alford Road in Great Barrington. For more information, you can log on here


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